Corporal Cueball
Jude Wanniski
October 1, 1998


Memo To:Bob Novak
From:  Jude Wanniski
Re:  James Carville

You have to admit that Carville is a helluva man. Saw you grilling him on "Crossfire" last night, and he was marvelous as a heartfelt, shameless, no-questions-asked defender of the President. A man like this “Corporal Cueball,” as he calls himself, is worth an army of sunshine soldiers. You did a great job of circling him from top to bottom, trying to find a weakness in his fortifications, and the sonofagun was solid. The American people see a man who has a defender like Carville and they weigh him into the balance a million times more than an editorial in the San Obispbo Blatt. You know me. I love to defend political people who are at first blush indefensible. I admire Carville for his ardent loyalty to the President. If anyone ever comes at you, Bob, the way Ken Starr has at Clinton, you can count on me standing by you the way Cueball stands by Clinton.