My Op-Ed on the War
Jude Wanniski
March 24, 2003


From:Jude Wanniski
To: James K. Galbraith <galbraith@* * * * *.edu>
My op ed on the War
3/24/03 5:04 pm

Excellent piece, Jamie. But you should add in the costs of the political terrorism that will strike the US homeland, not only by foreigners, but by crazed WASPs who are nutsy over Bush going to an unnecessary war. Gordon Prather tells me it is easy to rig up a piece of plastique inside a suitcase, so it detonates when agitated by the X-Rays of the new machines at all the airports. Stingers could also close down commercial airlines. If America hunkers down, there will be no risk investment and a Keynesian multiplier effect working in reverse.

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Sticking relentlessly to the mundane.